To improve and develop the rural folk in the District and to uplift the poor people socially, economically, and morally on a sustainable growth basis and making the poor people if pride to line.
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About Us

Alive Ministries Trust

To improve and develop the rural folk in the District and to uplift the poor people socially, economically, and morally on a sustainable growth basis and making the poor people if pride to line.

The tasks of the Alive Ministries Trust go beyond conventional social works and we strongly believe in participatory rural development in our community-based approaches have proved to be successful for the past ten years. Alive Ministries Trust has formed 145 Self Help Groups of rural and indigenous women. Youth Groups, Farmers Associations, and Tribal Associations have been formed for collective behavior and social movement. With this formidable strength, Alive Ministries Trust has been in the field since 2014 and has earned several appreciates distinctions and recognitions. Founder and director of Alive Ministries Mr. DR. G.S.R. Reddy has sufficient experience in rural development. He has also earned several appreciations for his dedicated work in the field, duly recognized by the community and Government.

Our focus areas

An integrated approach to build a equitable and empowered society

Mission & Vision


The Alive Ministries trust envisions that people are ensured social justice, basic needs, gender equality, peace and just, people participation in all the development programs in a sustainable manner and uplift of the down-trodden.


To facilitate the empowerment process of poor women and marginalized people through education, build awareness, promote and strengthen People’s Organization for Empowerment entitlements and active participation in their comprehensive development

Our Programs

Community Health Program

Alive Ministries Trust aims to reach basic and effective health care in the villages. Ministries have succeeded in forming health committees and building rapport with the Government Health Institution. Alive Ministries Trust has provided health training to village health workers, organized health camps. We have also conducted HIV/AIDS awareness camps to make people aware of the killer disease. Our village nurses are making regular house visits and trying to prevent seasonal sickness.

Women Development Program

All our target groups, women and children are focus groups. We believe that women are one of the pillars in the process of development and thus we give special emphasis on women empowerment. Alive Ministries Trust is involved in the process of women empowerment through Self Help Groups. At present we have 125 SHGs having 1267 members. We have imparted 13 SHG training and organized 5 SHG exposures for the women so that they internalize the value of savings. We have also conducted one entrepreneurship training and as a result, these members are also doing income generation activities like leaf plate making and soap manufacturing.

Sustainable Agricultural Practitioners Training

A three-day training programme was conducted in Rajupalem, Sathenapalle and piduguralla Mandals to educate sustainable agricultural practitioners on the latest development in sustainable farming technologies. The programme was coordinated by the Alive Ministries Trust Farmers Club and was supported by the Department of Agriculture. The Assistant Joint Director, Agriculture, inaugurated the programme and 64 farmers from 10 villages participated. The programme was useful to the local resource-poor farmers in adapting various sustainable practices. Printed materials were distributed to all the participants

Child Rights and Education

24 children groups conducted in the entire year 550 business meetings In these meetings they discussed mainly Enrollment and retention, Child Labour, Seasonal diseases, Viral Fevers, Water Sanitation, Special Days celebrations, Pulse Polio, Child abuse, Child Rights, CRC beautification, Cultural programs, games, etc. Awareness levels have been increased on Child rights, education, health & sanitation. These meetings resulted in increased leadership qualities, event management skills, sportiveness, and team spirit among the children.

Free Medical Camp

We took up a publicity campaign on the prevention and control of AIDS infection in our targeted villages, where occupational migration has taken place in high numbers. Most of the rural population of Konadamodu Village, Rajupalem Medals has to go faraway places for construction labor work and spent more than one month per trip and at the same time, they have to prone sex with new partners and to have infections of STDs and HIV. In our campaign, we motivated them to take preventive steps i.e., use of condoms, etc., for avoiding infections. Alive Ministries Trust medical team conducted 10 camps in 5 villages of kotanemalipuri & Rajupalem mandals with a view to motivate tribal families to take preventive measures against communicable diseases gastroenteritis and other seasonal infections these camps were organized with the cooperation of local doctors and the associated medical team through these camps 175 women children and aged people a gained health awareness

Women Development Program

We conducted Role polishing Training at Peduguralla Mandal tribal villages. and providing training to 50 women beneficiaries of SC & ST communities. We conducted this program for a period of 2 months. The beneficiaries have become able to prepare different saris and readymade garments. This program would help them to improve their regular income.

Training for SHGs and Women’s Welfare

The AMT continuously conducts Training programs for SHG and other common women through vocational dissemination sessions, public meetings, workshops, and Women Conventions Supporting Pastors and women workers, etc. We also send and join women to nearby Govt. run skilling and enterprising centers as they are ignorant and illiterate.

Rice and Provisions Distribution Program

The Alive Ministries Trust Distributed Rice and Provisions to Provide Poor and Orphan People in Kondamodu. The village, Guntur Dist. Our Organization also, Distributes to Cyclone-affected People.

Free distribution of clothes for old aged

Our organization has conducted Old aged Services in the Society areas of Kondamodu Village, Rajupalem Mandal. The old aged persons were given Cloths freely these programs has nearly 40 Old benefited aged persons.

Free Educational Support

We supplied a few educational kits to some selective rural children of SC/ST communities. The program was a continuation which we did occasionally and timely finding the need. There are many instances that the children of remote areas abstain from going to school and some of the children are enthusiastic but have no access to textbooks and notebooks, boxes, hostel plates, even dress too. During the rainy season also they go to school without umbrellas either wet or late due to waiting for the rain to get calm. Thus the rural children suffer a lot and so many days they stay in their homes. Hence during this year also distributed a few basic and inevitable items that are essential for the children to continue education with the support of a few high-minded supporters. The kits were distributed to the students through meetings by school headmasters and Mr. DR. G. Solomon Raju Reddy, the Chairman of AMT.

Legal Aid Program

The Indian Constitution has blessed a lot of human and fundamental rights for the poor and depressed poor, but people are not aware of the fundamental rights. These Alive Ministries Trust has set up three tire folders is (1) Legal Literacy (2) Legal Education and (3) Legal Aid for poor and needy people. This year we covered 3 awareness camps, legal training programs, and 100 pamphlets were distributed.

Cultural program

Alive Ministries Trust has conducted different programs on the main issues of target people in target villages of Guntur District. Girl child education, family planning, Environmental, Sanitation, Health, Child Labour, Nutrition, HIV/AIDS, and other relevant aspects. Every month the Cultural Team has given 6 performances in the villages in order to educate the rural poor on the issues. The Govt. officials have appreciated these efforts.

Disability Program

Alive Ministries Trust organized screaming camps in 20 villages of Rajupalem and Piduguralla Mandals for the identification of different categories of disabled people with the cooperation of local doctors and paramedical staff. Most of the children have disabilities life, orthopedically handicapped, deaf and dumb, visually handicapped, and mentally retarded. Our organization conducted health education and counseling services for the identified disabled persons in the villages and referred some of the cases to the concerned specialist for treatment and also provided tricycles to 31 orthopedically handicapped persons through district authorities.

Rural Artisans Program

Alive Ministries Trust promoted a project for handicraft development in the target area during the reporting period. Alive Ministries has conducted a Baseline Survey Mobilization of artisans in the remote villages to enumerate artisans and skilled mountain community members. The project will provide skill training on handicraft making, marketing of products made out of bamboo and cane in local markets. The survey has been completed.

Skill and Vocational Training

Alive Ministries Trust has started a center Vocational Training Center at Rajupalem Besides stitching garments, Leaf plates also are being manufactured in a modern way with the help of sewing machines. Leaf for leaf plates is available in plenty in the forest. Some people are employed for the purpose, which provides them employment. Moreover, the forest department has no objection to collective leaves without destroying the trees. With regard to tailoring, each batch of 25 members undergoes training for a period of six months. This means forty women benefit from this Interior every year. With regard to leaf plate making for every three months, one batch of two women are given training and in a year about eighty women benefit from this scheme. After completion of the training period loans from a women's bank will be provided to take their own business.

Literacy Program

We had conducted 15 Balwari teachers training on Joyful Learning Techniques and teachers were motivated to buy the teaching-learning materials to make the teaching easy and learning enjoyable for small kids in age groups 3-6 years. At present we have 10 Balware centers with 220 boys and 180 girls out of which 87 boys and 89 girls were admitted to the formal school during the year under review. Once a month parents/teacher meeting is being held to make parents aware of the progress of their ward and also introduced them to teach children about general cleanliness. Alive Ministries Trust is also promoting adult literacy to help the target groups to acquire basic skills in writing and reading and to be a part of a community through organized groups. There are 1992 males and 1824women who have graduated from these adult literacy centers. Adult literacy classes also help to make them aware of the existing evils in society that affects them and to make them aware of their rights and duties.

Water and Sanitation

Our organization medical team conducted health education camps in Piduguralla, Rajupalem, and Krosure Mandals and motivated the rural people to take protective drinking water and to use individual toilets l to control such diseases, In addition, our organization mobilized the funds from the Panchayat Department and constructed 220 individual sanitary latrines and provided clean drinking water facilities through the installation of 5 Hand pumps and GLSRs.

Home for orphange

We have built a home for orphanage children and we take care of our children by providing them with all the necessities. We still need some financial help and we would appreciate it if anyone could help our children.


Board Members

DR. DR. G.S.R. Reddy

Director and Founder

Gudipati Subbulu


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Account Number: 044710100136171

Bank: Andhra Bank

Branch: Macherla Main Road; Piduguralla; Guntur Dist. A.P-522413

IFSC Code: UBIN0804479

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